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Roosebeck Satinwood Transverse Flute in D tuning

Roosebeck Satinwood Transverse Flute in D tuning
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Product description

Satinwood Transverse Flute - This flute is in the key of D.
The flute has 3 pieces which is tunable by adjusting the length of the mouthpiece.
The double holes allow you to play chromatic scale.
This flute was created in order to make the general and classical musicians able to play any music.
It comes already in tune with the facilitation of the double holes for sharp and flats (equal temperament).
Good instrument for the early music like the baroque era.

Tuning a Flute with the Slide and Embouchure

Until you can produce good strong notes over the lower and upper octaves, don't worry about tuning.
When you are ready, start by positioning the tuning slide so you produce a strong, full G at proper pitch.
Beginners usually blow harder on the second octave causing it to sound sharp.
With the flute, you don't blow harder to get the second octave; you adjust your embouchure by tipping your head up or down slightly, or by rolling the flute toward or away from you.
Blowing down into the hole makes a note flatter, and blowing across the hole makes it sharper.
Your tuning will improve, as your lip muscles strengthen and you develop a tighter embouchure.

Tuning a Flute with the Head End Cork

If the head-cork moves, your flute will get out of tune with itself (i.e., low notes not in tune with high notes).
If this happens, use a 1/2-5/8" dowel apply steady, gentle pressure to move the cork.
Keep the barrel section slid over the tuning slide so that you do not damage the slide.
The cork is in the correct position when you are able to play both low B and high B in tune with each other.


Acoustic musical instruments that have unique roots in the histories & traditions of world music.
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Roosebeck Satinwood Transverse Flute in D tuning

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